DBD::Oracle Trial release.

tl;dr: If you care about DBD::Oracle at all please test this unauthorised trial

It's been a few years since there was a release of DBD::Oracle on the CPAN, and quite a few pull requests applied since the last release.

To that end and to address a specific issue we've had at work we've curated the pull requests, and performed some surgery on the continuous integration stack (which we can't fully show you for reasons relating to propietary software being hard to work with).

Anyway if you are a DBD::Oracle user, please test this unauthorised trial release. If all goes well we will find a way to make it an authorised proper 1.75 release soon.

Nobody involved in this wants to take on a permanent co-maintainer role for DBD::Oracle, but there is the opportunity for a commercial organisation to sponsor its ongoing maintenance.

p.s. to run make test fully you need to set the environment variables ORACLE_USERID and ORACLE_USERID_2 to something oracle can make sense of. To test utf8 databases, and non-utf8 databases you need to test twice with a non-unicode and a unicode database specified for the ORACLE_USERID environment variable.


Hmm sounds like I have to get my system set up in work with it again. Now where was that windows version of make?

If this distribution contains daglem's pull request re DRCP and the others then the CHANGES file seems to be missing all of them.

The tests pass for me with Oracle InstantClient to Oracle

I'd love to see a new release so if I can help let me know.

Martin J. Evans

@kd Great stuff! And great seeing @mjevans around here as well!

Minor nit: your choice of lower-than-latest-dev release version is somewhat suboptimal. A surprisingly large amount of pre-smokers operate over the moral equivalent of:

`cpanm --look --dev DBD::Oracle`

As you can see your version is not being picked up as it is lower than @mjevans' older 1.75_2.


Smoking by cpantesters is almost entirely pointless for two reasons:

- the Oracle Client SDK has to be downloaded and installed (requires an oracle.com account, but is "free" as in beer). there are some random websites that have it for download, avoiding the aforementioned account, but...
- an actual Oracle database needs to be installed to test against

There is an official Docker image of the Oracle database... but it requires injecting an oracle database installer file (even the free one from oracle.com... which again requires an account).

So the smokers will fail to build, and even with the client sdk installed they will skip the majority of the test suite.

However, with your own internal CI infrastructure (Gitlab CI, Maven, or whatever) - then the test suite will enable you to have as much assurance as possible that the client works right against your database version with your client version.

If someone has some solution for public facing smoke testing that won't likely get trigger cease and desist notice - let's work together to make it happen!

> as Dean notes it's of little practical consequence, but best to do things properly.

I don't want to publicize it too much, but https://travis-ci.org/Perl5/DBIx-Class/jobs/390708515#L441-L462 ( DBIC is not the only user afaik )

I took that as inspiration for https://travis-ci.org/ByteFoundryAU/DBD-Oracle

Thanks Peter

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