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I'm happy to announce that I've launched a website for Acme::CPANAuthors modules. You can see which group is supposed to have the largest community, or have contributed to the CPAN most, or who is the most prolific author in a community or the author of the highest kwalitee. Of course these are based on unofficial user-defined lists, and these lists don't cover all of the CPAN authors yet (as of this writing, about quarter of CPAN authors (or half of active authors) are covered). So we shouldn't take them seriously, but anyway, have fun, and feedbacks are welcome.

I also announce that I've unofficially set up a Module::CPANTS::* based site ( to provide kwalitee data for As I found I would need significant changes at the first try (because the latest Module::CPANTS::Analyse doesn't correspond well with other Module::CPANTS modules, and they use old and deprecated ways of writing of Catalyst/DBIC), I tentatively set up a local repository and committed all the necessary changes there so as to hide all the dirty trial and errors. I'll move on to the public github repository when ready. So please be patient.


You may want to get in touch with Lars Dieckow (daxim). During the last QA Hackathon, he put some work into CPANTS, especially with regard to an update to recent Catalyst/DBIC.

oh, and nice site, BTW!

didn't take long for the new server to die also :(

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