I've finally launched a new CPANTS website:

Some of the new features follow:

BackPAN support

Almost all the BackPAN distributions have also been analyzed.

Personal Feed

You can subscribe your kwalitee report feed of your distributions (


Finally Moose and friends are correctly considered as "use strict" equivalents, and new valid_signature metric is introduced (both have been implemented in Module::CPANTS::Analyse 0.86 months ago, but have not been introduced on the previous site for various reasons). On the other hand, some of the experimental metrics about debian packages are disabled because the data source has not been updated for a while.


If you find anything, tell me via github's issue tracker:

Happy holidays!


It seems it doesn't show any distributions that weren't released recently (even if it does seem to have calculated their score, as their average seems about what it used to be).

The most important issue (at least for me) is that Module::CPANTS::Analyse has a bug (with a patch) that needs the maitainers attention.

Thanks again for taking over! It was fun doing CPANTS for a while, but I just couldn't maintain it anymore. So I'm very happy that you and a few others have taken up the bat and continue they work!


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