Next stable DBD::SQLite to be released in late October

Now I call DBD::SQLite 1.43_08 a release candidate of the next stable DBD::SQLite. Please test it with your modules/applications and let me know if you find anything. Due to some change(s) in the upstream SQLite library (since SQLite 3.8.5), this release candidate is known to break older versions of DBIx::Class (prior to 0.082800 released on 2014-09-25). If you use older versions of DBIx::Class, you might also want to upgrade it, or keep DBD::SQLite 1.42 (bundled with older SQLite library) for now. Other major O/R mappers seem not affected by this upgrade. If there's no blocker nor request to wait, I'll release 1.44 in late October, hopefully on 26th.

Other notable changes since the last stable release follow:

  • This release candidate contains new modules to support custom virtual tables written in Perl (by DAMI).
  • If you set sqlite_unicode to true, SQL statements will be upgraded to avoid inconsistency between embedded params and bind params (RT #96877) (by DAMI)

See Changes file in the distribution for other fixes and improvements.

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Just a note for existing DBIx::Class users - the breakage in question concerns several improperly written tests. The actual runtime of DBIx::Class 0.08270 and older would not be affected by an SQLite upgrade.

Thank you for the great work charsbar!

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