QA Hackathon 2016 in Rugby

Last year, at the QA Hackathon 2015 in Berlin, I created a branch for PAUSE to use Plack, and succeeded to make it live on a staging environment. However, we didn't merge it into the master, because we knew we still need something to keep it running. Thus naturally, one of my goals of this year's hackathon was to do those necessary things. I spent about two days with Andreas Koenig and Slaven Rezic to make Plack-driven PAUSE stable, fixing several bugs/regressions I made last year, and tweaking options for Starman and Perlbal. We may still have several issues to deal with (including an occasional connection issue we saw), but anyway, PAUSE Web is running on Plack now.

Meanwhile I helped Andreas merge other contributors' (old and new) pull requests to PAUSE. We also wanted to merge some of my old requests on the indexer, but decided not this time, until I add some tests to demonstrate issues more clearly for our exhausted eyes. (Actually, I had written their tests only for Parse::PMFile, a derivation of the PAUSE indexer. Mea culpa.)

I also addressed an issue on Test::PAUSE::Permissions raised previously by Karen Etheridge to prevent a maintainer in a large team from adding a new package to an established distribution accidentally, so that everyone in the team can upload the distribution without permission problems. This issue was also discussed briefly later at the hackathon, and Colin Newell has sent a pull request to PAUSE to fix it from another aspect.

Aside from PAUSE, I asked several people to update their distributions (makamaka for JSON::PP, Ricardo Signes for Email::Sender and Software::License, Sawyer for Dancer::Session::JSON, Chris Williams for Archive::Tar), and shipped two CPANTS-related modules (Parse::LocalDistribution and Module::CPANTS::Analyse). I also asked Karen to review the core CPANTS metrics, and added one on the META.json existence as an extra. I skipped most of the group discussions, except for Software::License and PAUSE.

As for CPANTS, I started refactoring the website and the analyzer before the hackathon. None of them have finished yet, but I'm hoping I can show you something within a week or so (after this national holiday week).

Many thanks to the organizers (Neil Bowers, JJ Allen, Barbie) and to the sponsors:

Infinity Interactive,
Perl Careers,
think project!,
Campus Explorer,
Perl 6 Community,
Perl Services,
Robbie Bow,
Ron Savage,
Charlie Gonzalez,
Justin Cook.

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