Next stable DBD::SQLite will be released in the mid-August

DBD::SQLite 1.63_05 (with SQLite 3.29.0) is a release candidate for the next stable DBD::SQLite. There are no big changes, maybe except for two new db_config options to disallow double-quoted string literals.

  use DBD::SQLite::Constants qw/:database_connection_configuration_options/;

$dbh->sqlite_db_config( SQLITE_DBCONFIG_DQS_DML, 1 );
$dbh->do('INSERT INTO foo VALUES (1, "text")'); # Now this is an error

I'll wait for about a month as always, and release 1.64 in the middle of August (that means, after PerlCon) if there's no blocker nor request to wait for more. Thank you for your patience.

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