Next stable DBD::SQLite will be released around the end of July

DBD::SQLite 1.67_07 (with SQLite 3.36.0) is a release candidate for the next stable DBD::SQLite. This release has a notable change to improve how to deal with Unicode/Latin-1 characters, contributed by Felipe Gasper. If you write a new application, it is recommended to use one of the newly added modes like this:

use DBI;
use DBD::SQLite::Constants qw(:dbd_sqlite_string_mode);

my $dbh = DBI->connect("dbi:SQLite:$dbname", "", "", {
# or
# sqlite_string_mode => DBD_SQLITE_STRING_MODE_BYTES,

These two new modes are, however, slightly incompatible with the old sqlite_unicode's behavior. If you want to use them with existing databases, you might need to convert them first (by retrieving all the data with the old flag and inserting them into new databases with a new mode, etc).

See Changes for other fixes and changes.

This release also updates bundled SQLite from 3.32.3 to 3.36.0, which means now you can use built-in math functions and ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN among others.

I'll wait for about a month as always, and release 1.68 around the end of July if there's no blocker nor request to wait for more. Thank you for your patience.

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