Phenona Perl platform on the cloud

Phenona is acquired by Active state . I have not seen anyone mention this in their blog or in any other feeds that I have so mentioning it here in case you have not heard about it . It's built by a 15 year old and IMHO is a very good marketing material for an application built with perl.


It was mentioned on which is an excellent source to follow these days. :)

Also, Slashdot. Hooray Perl!

So now it will cost more, be updated less, support Python and Ruby first, then Perl?

Stackato, now with extra Python. Haha. "The first end-to-end enterprise cloud platform for Python and Perl applications" "Rely on the industry-proven ActivePython and ActivePerl - you choose the version" "Automatically provision application environments with your choice of languages, frameworks (such as Django, Pyramid, Mojolicious, Catalyst), and module/package dependencies"

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