Brainturk - Cognitive Games is yet another perl powered app that I have been working on , These games are taken from various research papers and articles published. Try it out and let me know if you have any comments/suggestions

I decided to go with Mojolicious as the framework and I have deployed it using starman and nginx. I am using Moose as the object system and started with DBIx::Class since I had not used that before and wanted to try it . It was great at the beginning when I was dealing with 1 or 2 tables but once I started to add multiple tables and started doing a little bit of complex queries I was not having fun any more, It's probably because I am not familiar with DBIx::Class and I found I was searching a lot for how to do things and in some cases I guess I prefer queries over data structures .
I have worked with databases for a long time and am comfortable in writing complex queries and it was easy for me to leverage the database power which I was familiar with , so I decided to go with DBix::Simple for the complex tasks .

DBIx::Simple is one of my favorite modules , it does not get mentioned often in the perl world but IMHO its a very well designed module , It provides lots of options to get the data into any structure you want and works well with other modules .

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