Docker based Continuous Integration for perl projects

Here are the steps to getting started

  • Login to Shippable using your GitHub or Bitbucket credentials.
  • Enable the project

On the Shippable landing page, select your subscription from the Subscriptions dropdown. This should be the subscription where you forked the repository. Click on your GitHub/bitbucket name


click on the Enable Project button. If you have not enabled any projects on Shippable, you will be directly be taken a page which shows a list of your repositories.

Find the Docker-CI-perl project and click on the Enable button. You will be taken to a page which shows that Status as Not built, towards the right of that table there is a build button. Click on that to start a build.
while the build is running you can on the id ( # column ) to look at the console. Once the build is done you can look at the test results.

I have used this perl Docker image

Add a test and push a commit, build is automatically triggered.

You can add integrations to trigger a irc, slack, hipchat message on build

Edit the cpanfile to add your modules
Edit shippable.yml file to add/modify your run options.

I plan to create another post on deployment next. Let me know if you have any questions or need help in setting this up

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