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So you need Perl information and the perldoc does not have what you need. First stop the search engine. You type in the keywords and start exploring. One thing I kept noticing with different searches were the results returned that were just the POD online. I decided I was tired of looking at it so I created a Google Custom search that filters out the sites I kept seeing that provided no value.

The last two kept returning information on Perl books for certain searches when it shouldn't have. Give the custom search a shot and see if it can make your searches noise free too.


Instead of custom search, you can also google by adding the keywords '' (or just 'perlmonks') or '' (or just 'stackoverflow'). Those two sites form the bulk of quality Perl information these days.

How about adding "perl" into the search automatically. Given the page said "perl search", I just typed a phrase in and was surprised to get all sorts of nonsense, until I realised I had to include "perl" in my search term.

And then at least I was only getting perl related nonsense :-)

I took the opposite approach and build a custom Google search that only searches known useful sites.


I think it would help people understand the purpose of the custom search if you could show something you searched for using the custom search and something with the standard search and show how the results are better with the custom search.

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