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Web Services Part 2: Using Joyent

I recently started trying out different cloud providers to find one that meets my Perl needs. I see many uses for cloud computing in the form of on demand, ubiquitus computing nodes that I can launch with a range of "hardware" specifications. This translates directly into saving money, the prices are different for each hardware plan and you pick what you think you need and erase it when you are done. This article is focused on using Joyent to run Perl applications, not using Perl to interact with the Joyent API, that is a future article already in the works.

Web Services Part 1: YouTube playlists

It started off with just a simple problem; a friend recommended some songs from various artists on YouTube. I go and listen to the songs, like them, and start looking for more from the same artists. Browsing around I find some interesting playlists but notice some of them have the same songs and I think "I'll just download the playlists and remove duplicates with a quick script".

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user-pic I like writing Perl code and since most of it is open source I might as well talk about it too. @KirkKimmel on twitter