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A new or die trying

TL;DR: 1,600 ranting words including F-bombs abound. I am testing out a new theme for this site. Also I am trying to port some content to a new CMS and put up a public test site to get feedback.

Where to begin... how about the latest problem I had. I tried to post a comment saying I fixed a mistake in my last post and it tells me I am not signed in. After logging out and in then trying it a few times with no success I looked to the github issue list. I find the following issues that seem to match my problem #100, #196, and #222. Seeing that this is a known problem I decide to see if I can fix it. I decide to start by setting up a local copy of Movable Type (MT) to experiment with. So beings my tale of woe.

Dribbles from my Brain

This post is a brain drain of ideas that I find myself repeating to people when I get asked advice about technology and the surrounding ecosystem. I give no guarantee that any of this information is going to be helpful.


About Kimmel

user-pic I like writing Perl code and since most of it is open source I might as well talk about it too. @KirkKimmel on twitter