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DIY personal analytics

How many times a day do you reach for <ctrl> + r when using the shell? What about the history command? !! anyone?

Do we as programmers evolve and stop making the same mistakes? Do we really optimize our workflows? This is where the idea of personal analytics comes in. I am going to see what I can learn from looking at my bash history for the last few years. Here are the relevant settings in my .bashrc file:

shopt is a bash command that shows and changes shell option names. The histappend…

coming back to Perl, file slurping with IO:All

Having spent many years working jobs that involved no Perl programming I felt I was getting rusty so I re-read "Perl Best Practices". It is 2011 now, I should checkout what new things have developed in the Perl world. I was pointed towards Task::Kensho .

Task::Kensho is a glimpse at an enlightened Perl. After reading that I decide to see what it could do for me right now.

I was writing a script and I need to slurp a few files. Under Task::Kensho::Hackery I see "IO:All combines all of the best Perl IO modules into a single…

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