Strawberry Perl released

Strawberry Perl is available at
(all editions: MSI, ZIP, PortableZIP for both: 32/64bit MS Windows)

More details in Release Notes:

If you have not heard about Strawberry Perl see


I'm really impressed that they got it out of the door faster than ActiveState this time, but still i do have to question why they haven't in years gotten around to update their support page and still need to spread untruths on it.

As far as I understand that's not "they", it is only kmx who works on this.

I am sure he would be happy if someone offered his help updating the web site.

BTW What is the problem with the support page?

An kmx, thank you very much for your quick action!

Gabor: It was a they. I initially reported the problem literally years ago and repeated to do so every once in a while. Over the time multiple people were involved with the project and honestly: Noone could ever give me a clear point of contact for the website in the first place. I did describe the problem extremely clearly, multiple times and even offered to send patches if only i'd be told what repo governed the site, but no information was ever given.

As for what the exact problem was: For the longest time the support page listed ActivePerl as a commercial alternative, while saying it did not support CPAN out of the box, which hadn't been true in years even when i first reported it. The solution employed now to fix this strikes me as a tiny bit snippy, but since ActiveState doesn't link to them either i see no harm, and am happy to see one less source of untruths in the world. :)

Thank you for you great work :)
Strawberry perl is awesome.

The website is maintained in the same repository as Strawberry Perl itself.

Not only that, it appears you have commit to the website already. I've told the repository to generate a new password and resend it to you.

It's always been a "they" for the record, it's just that the the majority of the work on the release builder itself has moved through different primary maintainers.

I haven't had that job in a while, but I try to maintain the purity and direction of the project, tweak the website from time to time, and generally nudge things along.

Oh wow. I got access to that repo when i was poking at some PPI stuff a while back. Had no idea that it was also for the website. Thanks for mentioning it. :)

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