Opportunity to support Strawberry Perl

First of all I would like to thank AuditSquare.com for sponsoring our project Strawberry Perl during the last 12 months.

The sponsorship comprised of providing the following VPS as our build machine:
- 3 CPU / 8 GB RAM / 120 GB HDD
- OS license - Windows 2012 Datac EN
- remote access: RDP + KVM
- unlimited Internet connectivity

Unfortunately arranged sponsorship period is over and we are looking for another sponsor willing to provide our project with similarly sized VPS (current provider charges approx. 600 USD per 1 Year).

For further information you can contact me via e-mail at kmx@cpan.org.

EDIT: some answers which might be interesting:

  • the VPS in question is not hosting strawberryperl.com website

  • it is used for building strawberry perl binaries (which means gcc, ext. libs, perl core + extra modules) - each release comprise of 10 packages (see 5.20.0 at http://strawberryperl.com/releases.html)

  • in spare time it runs 2 CPAN smokers (latest strawberry perl 32+64bit versions) - currently no. 10 (but it is not the main goal)

  • the sponsor gets in exchange: 1/ ad banner at our homepage + 2/ notice in every release announcement

  • strawberryperl.com web traffic (according to Google Analytics): Monday-Friday approx. 1300 user sessions per day (approx. 600 for weekend

  • there are approx. 18000 downloads per month

  • AuditSquare's ad attracted in average 2 clicks per day


how flexible are the above requirements?

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