This week marks 2 years since TOBYINK seemingly dropped off the perl map, in terms of viewable open source contributions that is. Since then the author's modules have gone unmaintained, consequently they are no longer compatible with recent versions of perl. This is going to cause problems eventually.

I, and several others, have sent e-mails to TONYINK but have not received any response. So TOBYINK, where are you? Are you OK? You seem to be active in at least one place? Can you give co-maint on some of your modules that are used or recommended in more widely deployed distributions? Some of your modules are too important to leave to abandonware, and forking them is a path i (and almost certainly others) don't want to take.

Edit: Some non-essential information removed as i don't want to give people bad ideas about compatibility between Moo/Mouse/Moose due to the use in our stack.


Hi, yes I exist. Just busy with other stuff.

Give me a run down of which distributions need fixing.

Mouse's hopeless incompatibility with Moose is one of the reasons Moo exists. I'd strongly recommend either going straight to Moose or staying with Moo.

The only way to make Moose and Mouse play nice together is, in fact, to go via Moo - if you make an empty Moo role consuming a Mouse role, the Moo role now works with Moose. The Mouse one does not.

Also, consider installing Class::XSAccessor to speed up Moo.

Toby, any chance I can help you get your modules into the moose github org or somewhere else so we can help you with this stuff?

(note that the Moo community is already aware of the problem and were planning to adopt Type::Tiny if tobyink wanted us to, so the current problem is NOT a reason to migrate away from Type::Tiny unless you're trying to support bleadperl rather than actual releases)

-- mst

I'd be interested in seeing your benchmark script to see what you are actually comparing, as some of the numbers seem a bit odd. Also note that MooX::TypeTiny exists and should make the combination of Moo and Type::Tiny as fast as is possible in pure perl. It may be time to bake that in to Moo.

Regarding module maintenance, I had previously tried reaching out about getting comaint or first-come Type::Tiny and some of Toby's other modules. I didn't get any response at the time. We'd definitely be interested in getting Type::Tiny and Toby's other Type- and MooX- dists moved into an org on github (possible the Moose org) and some comaints added so improvements can be shipped easier.

lexical::underscore is broken on 5.24, which in turn breaks Scalar::Does and Data::Domain, and probably some other stuff that I've not noticed.

The test failures in Type::Tiny are becoming more urgent as we get closer to the release of perl-5.26.0. There are over 600 CPAN distributions which have first-level dependencies on this module. They cannot be tested against blead until this one test file is corrected.

Thank you very much.
Jim Keenan

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