A Static Archive of rt.cpan.org

I have created a static archive of rt.cpan.org - it is avaliable at https://rt-cpan.github.io/. This is now what will be the official static archive once rt.cpan.org is sunset.

The static archive is a git repo, hosted using github pages. The repo can be found at https://github.com/rt-cpan/rt-cpan.github.io and it has a README that explains how the archive is/was built and URL structure.

The archive is generally complete, it will be updated one more time before the end of February this year. If you discover any issues then please raise an issue using the github link above. If you need to search the archive then you can do that using the gihub link above also, or git clone it and use the command line.

Happy New Year!


Thanks for the effort, but is rt.cpan being migrated elsewhere rather this being sunset? This thread seems to suggest that this is the case: https://perl.topicbox.com/groups/infrastructure/Te92859202f730470

Some issues seem missing. If you look at https://rt-cpan.github.io/Public/Dist/Type-Tiny/Active/ then try clicking on the links. The first one is broken, but the others work.

My comment seems not to be showing up, once more with feeling. Thanks, however is rt.cpan definitely going away? This seems to suggest otherwise: https://perl.topicbox.com/groups/infrastructure/Te92859202f730470

Submitted a couple of comments which were held for moderation, I'll try with a different URL. Thanks for this, but is the closure definitely happening? See https://perlmonks.org/?node_id=11125896

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