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Dependencies and patches - easy fix!


I've been upgrading some systems at work recently. Using local::lib so I can test it first without worrying about rolling back being a pain (which it could be with our current build system).

We've had most of our CPAN modules installed for several years and haven't had the need/time to upgrade them. But with the advent of Catalyst 5.8 using Moose and other great projects we'd like to get involved in, such as Gitalist I bit the bullet and star…

Backing up with Dackup

I do backup... but as I'm sure with most other people, it's probably not enough.

As a Mac user I've been relying on TimeMachine for a while now and it is fantastic.

For my unix based stuff I then use git or svn and rely on my laptop having a checkout as well as a set being on the server (and the server does some backups as well).

But the main issue is it's lots of bits of "It will probably be ok" and "I'm fine if it's a hardware failure". But this doesn't cover the "what if my house burned down" type scenarios.

So anyway, with the scene set... I started thinki…

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