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Devel::NYTProf - Perl profiling links needed

A conversation on IRC this morning...

07:46 XXXX damn... is it normal for DProf/Profiler to not work correctly with moose stuff?
07:46 aaaa people still use dprof?
07:47 XXXX people who might not be aware of alternatives, sure
07:48 XXXX what would you suggest instead then?
07:49 aaaa Devel::NTYProf is THE profiller these days :)
07:52 XXXX unfortunately googling perl profiling doesn't take you anywhere near it :(

So, I'd like to talk about Perl profiling, or even ="http://search.cpan…

More design love please...

This is a follow up, or rather extension to xSawyerxs Marketing the Entire Box (including the wrapper)

I completely agree, design is the first thing people notice about a project. If you do not put effort into the look of your projects web page then whether you like it or not it will have an affect on the perception of your project (and indirectly on Perl).

If someone (my list of projects is way too large at the moment unfortunately) has time I think there are two pro…

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