Plack - give it a go... and white paper

Having had Plack on my 'to looking to list' for a long time we've finally started using it at work. Yet again here is another of the 'modern perl' pieces of software that once you start using you'll wonder how you ever coped without it.

As first it doesn't seem like you have much that wasn't done in Apache (or what ever web server you are using). The moment you realise that you can put everything that was in Apache (rewrite rules, expiry headers, serving static content) into your app.psgi (web application configuration) file and that this will then run under any of the many supported web servers the light bulb goes on.

You can then try Starman or run everything using plackup in your development environment.

The simplicity of Plack's structure $ENV in, [ status, [ headers ], [ content ] ] out makes writing middleware easy and adapting your code to use this standard very clean (even if you don't use one of the many frameworks which already directly support Plack).

I've also added a white paper on Plack to


There still is one thing that you need Apache for: HTTPS.

Thanks for writing the White Paper Leo. There needs to be more documentation on Plack and starman along with the psgi interface. Right now it still feels like much of the documentation is aimed at developers doing research as opposed to sysadmins looking for a stable dynamic web development environment.

It would be great if you posted your config somewhere - the problem with HTTPS on the dev box is a major set back for me. After the recent commotion with firesheep HTTPS is a must for virtually every web application.

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