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http://yapc.eu/ - thanks to all involved

I'd like to publicly thank Bram, the previous owner of http://yapc.eu/.

I asked if we could transfer it over to the Perl NOC team so that it becomes an official community resource (he was already redirecting it to the yapceurope.org domain).

He was more than happy to do so, and has been so helpful in the process.

At the same time I'd like to thank the Perl NOC guys for taking this on. You probably don't realise just how much infrastructure these two guys run on our behalf, and how much more they are takin…

Perl memory management...

Does Perl run out of memory?

Today I got an email from someone saying “I was told by a person who used Perl for computational genomics applications that it was running out of memory, so he switched to C++. What’s your thoughts on running out of memory in Perl?”

Just for posterity here is my reply (please note I’m no expert on this sort of thing and have never had the problem) was…

ActiveState PPM index + download stats

ActiveState have updated their PPM index page:


As reported http://www.activestate.com/blog/2011/02/ppm-index-new-way-browse-perl-packages.

It is interesting to see which are the popular downloads and as an author the number of downloads of your own modules. They also have a nice chart of which OS's the module has been built for.

Not so sure that the example in the article - DBD::Mysql Failin…

Portable plugin apps?

I might be working on a project for a friend shortly. They have lots of experience with developers who use Drupal - and I get the feeling (could be wrong) that you can semi-plug-and-play with Drupal?

Want a wiki - use X plugin
Want a user system - use Y plugin
Want user profiles - use Z plugin
Want user gallery - use A plugin
Want a blog - use B plugin

So I started looking around, and there are plugins for specific frameworks, or standalone applications written in a framework, WebGUI CMS seems to have a lot of features but I want to use my fr…

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