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Perl 5.12.3 released

Perl 5.12.3 is now live...


Full announcement.

Plack - give it a go... and white paper

Having had Plack on my 'to looking to list' for a long time we've finally started using it at work. Yet again here is another of the 'modern perl' pieces of software that once you start using you'll wonder how you ever coped without it.

As first it doesn't seem like you have much that wasn't done in Apache (or what ever web server you are using). The moment you realise that you can put everything that was in Apache (rewrite rules, expiry headers, serving static content) into your app.psgi (web application configuration) file an…

Perlbal - load balancing white paper

I've added a new White paper to Perl.org: Perl load balancer - which is really there to make people aware of Perlbal.

Thanks to a TPF Grant there is now actual Documentation which really makes using it a whole lot easier! I've had this in production fo…

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