YAPC::EU Day -1

I arrived yesterday (conference -2 days) afternoon, we met up with various mongers, had a crap experience trying to get food in one place, and then found somewhere that did very good steaks, followed by a quick drink in the main square.

Today, a bit more with it, acme, ralf, Michael and myself had a stroll around the main market - housed in old Zeppelin hangers! - which was interesting and had very tasty donuts, and a general look around the old town.

I then attended the Speakers training run by Alex Kapranov with Damian Conway also speaking. It was really interesting and now means I have to update my slides (thankfully not too much)!

I showed once section of my presentation and got some really useful feedback (come to my Plack talk if you want to see the changes in action!)

If you ever get a chance to go to this Speaker training I really recommend it, how ever many talks your already done.

Then we headed to the main square again for a pre pre social social, there was some food, and some beer, then more people, then it was officially the pre social and more people, then some beer and some more people. It's really nice catching up with everyone, some of which I've not seen for several years, and some of which I've not seen since that last YAPC::EU, but it's also nice seeing new faces (hopefully I'll get to meet more people as the conference progresses).

I'm really looking forward to the next few days.

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I like the idea of Speakers Training. Public speaking is already daunting for many and with our global community can be downright frustrating. Hats off to whoever came up with this!

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