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This was the second year I got invited to Perl Toolchain Summit 2017 (PTS) - I think I got even more done than last year.

Having so many people all working on similar projects really does lead to an exponential amount of productivity, both across projects and between Perl 5 and Perl 6.

I could write essays on what I was involved in, but a brief summary:


  • Launched new design for (babs did all the work)
  • Discussed and setup env for with toddr and atoomic
  • Got Pete to start updating metacpan's vm
  • Helped Haarg test and deploy a shim so `cpanminus` clients now use the v1 metacpan api (even though they hit the old v0 API), done using Fastly user agent detection and a new site just for this back compat that haarg has written.
  • Discussion on metacpan v0 depreciation with haarg
  • Start of discussion on improving search


  • Discussed cpancover infrastructure with pjcj - metacpan is going to at least take a backup of the reports, but may do other things later.
  • Got Lee to help setup the metacpan VM fully, I also downloaded supporting files to usb so can setup more people quickly
  • Discussed cpanratings with several people - Lee to work on something
  • Installed metacpan VM on pjcj, abeltje and start of bab's laptops
  • Refactored metacpan search to clarify exactly what is going on
  • Started on refactoring mc search to use new query (which will make improving the results easier... next couple of days project)
  • Clean up of a few puppet bits for dev boxes
  • Helped deploy various bits on metacpan
  • Discussions about Swagger interface for some metacpan end points


  • Installed metacpan VM on more laptops
  • Lots of time on the metacpan search code refactor
  • Setting up sysadmin stuff
  • Initial review of cpancover backup stuff with pjcj


  • Got a pull request in for the search refactor, not quite a useful as I'd hoped (new query doesn't give good enough results, so haven't switched to it yet, but at least the code will be easy for the next person to follow).
  • Discussed Meta::Hack 2017

Many thanks to the organisers and sponsors, without who this wouldn't be possible.

Thank you Perl Toolchain Summit 2017 Sponsors

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