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PTS 2024 - Day 4 - here comes the sun... it's all right!

Following on from The bad days

We made the decision that our problems in Kubernetes were exactly the sort of thing that should not be distractions to the project. We had been trying to save costs when we choose Hetzner for hosting... especially as we did not know where our ElasticSearch cluster (needing 3x32Gig of ram) was going to live. The great news is last week ElasticSeach agreed to host this for us, which really is a game changer.

With this in mind, we reviewed hostin…

PTS 2024 - day 2 and 3... the bad days

Following on from day 1

Joel and I spent some more time working out disk provisioning and then decided to upgrade the nodes in the cluster... this is where the problems started...

I shutdown a node to resize it... and the site went down, no healthy backends was then displayed to all users by Fastly (our CDN) for any content that wasn't in their cache. This is not meant to happen!

We also couldn't connect to Argo (web UI for Kuberneties deployment and a view on the K8's API status) or…

PTS 2024 - day 1

I am always flattered to be invited to the Perl Toolchain Summit, and reinvigorated in working on MetaCPAN each time.

Currently I am focused on building on the work I and others did last year in setting up Kubernetes for more of MetaCPAN (and other projects) to host on.

Last week I organised the Road map which was the first thing we ran through this morning. I was very fortunate to spend the day with Joel and between us we managed to setup:

- Hetzner (hosting company) v…

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