PTS 2024 - day 1

I am always flattered to be invited to the Perl Toolchain Summit, and reinvigorated in working on MetaCPAN each time.

Currently I am focused on building on the work I and others did last year in setting up Kubernetes for more of MetaCPAN (and other projects) to host on.

Last week I organised the Road map which was the first thing we ran through this morning. I was very fortunate to spend the day with Joel and between us we managed to setup:

- Hetzner (hosting company) volumes auto provisioning in the k8s cluster
- Postgres cluster version (e.g. with replication between nodes)

I had a few discussions with other projects interested in hosting and this has helped us start work on what we need to be able to provision and how.. especially with attached storage which has been some what of a challenge but we are heading towards a solution.

MetaCPAN indexing stopped... again.. because our bm-mc-01 server had disk issues (been going on for a couple of weeks). Whilst Oalders shutdown the server I switched over the puppet setup so bm-mc-02 was the primary postgres DB and cronjobs which will keep us going for a while longer, but does mean we are reliant on 2 servers which is not ideal from a failover point of view. Oalders has raised an issue with the hosting company... so we'll see how that works out.

Sponsors who make this possible Monetary sponsors:, The Perl and Raku Foundation, Deriv, cPanel, Inc Japan Perl Association, Perl-Services, Simplelists Ltd, Ctrl O Ltd, Findus Internet-OPAC Harald Joerg, Steven Schubiger. In kind sponsors: Fastmail, Grant Street Group, Deft, Procura, Healex GmbH, SUSE, Zoopla.

Day 2 and 3, the bad days

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