2 weeks of perl

It all started with the Cluj.pm summer meeting on the 9th of August. I happened to be around there, so popped in. Cluj.pm is a refreshingly young perl monger group (I might even have been older than the average age there, that's a first for me). At first I didn't know anyone, other than the guest speaker Mark Keating, but after my presentation I had lots of people approaching me and I had a brilliant evening.

A short week later I flew to Germany, for the Perl Reunification Summit in Perl. Like Schwern I arrived a day earlier than most, so I had a calm start of the meetup. It was mostly a gathering of familiar to me faces, though a significant number I hadn't really spoken to before, specially the Perl 6 guys, -Ofun attracts awesome people. I spent most of the PRS talking to people, and doing a little coding (both related and unrelated). It was a very enlightening meetup.

Lastly, there was YAPC::EU. Despite the sometimes unbearable heat, it was awesome. At some points it seemed a bit less organized than my previous YAPCs, but that may also be me noticing more of what's going on. I spent most of my time in the hallway track, which extended into the pub track, and I spent enough time discussing (and occasionally ranting) that it's a miracle that I still have voice left. In between I found enough time to attend some talks, interestingly I attended most of them on the day I gave one myself. After doing threads last year I could only top it with signals this year. I'll have a challenge to come up with a crazier, I think I'll have to look in a vastly different direction (I have ideas already). After a full week of conferencing, I was relieved to be going home though.

So in all I met Mark Keating in 3 different places in 2 weeks time, I'd almost accuse him of stalking me!

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