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So, why don't you write a blog? A question I have been asked many a time in the past years.

I guess I mainly felt that I didn't have to tell the world much. And I was busy with $work.

Then you stop $work and start with $sabbatical. And start acting on the strange ideas that you developed over the years. Then you're asked to really start a blog this time. Really. And then you commit to that.

So here's my first post on Not a lot of content yet. But it's a start. And more will be coming shortly.



Glad to see you blogging here.

With all you've been up to, it surely sounds like a teaser :)

Keep up the good work, Liz.


welcome liz,


A warm welcome!

Welcome, Liz.

I suspect that Wendy also got asked with the same question a lot. ;-)

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