Shiny New Toys at the London Perl Workshop, Nov 25th

Who doesn't like shiny things? I love shiny things. The London Perl Workshop loves shiny things. CV-Library, this post's sponsor, loves shiny things. So if you come to the London Perl Workshop, Nov 25th, you'll learn about some shiny things.

Shiny Things!

cvl.pngThis summary is brought to you by one of our sponsors: CV-Library. CV-Library is the UK's leading independent job board, developed in Perl and is hiring developers in its London and Fleet offices. CV-Library's technical director is also one of this year's organisers!

Shiny New Toys

The inimitable Ed J (‎mohawk‎) will be talking about his sterling progress in developing "GraphQL in Perl: The Story So Far". GraphQL is the Next Big Thing in implementing APIs, maybe even a successor to REST. Ed has ported the JavaScript reference implementation to Perl, plus written plugins for Dancer 2 and Mojolicious to make it trivial to add a GraphQL endpoint to your web application. He'll also talking about exposing DBIx::Class schemas -- and, more generally, Moose classes -- via GraphQL using introspection.

Dancer 2 is pretty shiny, as is AWS, and wise Mike Whitaker (Penfold) will be talking to us about using AWS's most awesome DynamoDB as a Dancer 2 serialisation backend, serialisation in general, Moo, roles, and other fun things. See: "Dancer2::Session::DynamoDB".

The notorious Matthew Smash Trout (mst) will be talking to us about "Bothead as a service", where he lays out his unifying theory of bots, IRC, and a messaging bridge between them -- as best as I can understand anyway. Probably better to read the abstract than rely on this summary.

It's just over two weeks until the conference, and you would be doing the organisers a gigantic service if you registered your attendance, and invited your colleagues along. It's going to be an awesome day!

About CV-Library

cvl.pngCV-Library is the UK's leading independent job board, developed in Perl since its inception in 2000. We are proud to be a long-time sponsor of LPW and a supporter of the Perl community. In 2017 we were the first company to join the CPAN Pull Request Challenge as a team and by speaking and blogging about this we hope to have started a trend! We hosted the Technical Meeting in June this year, and we contribute back by open sourcing code where possible via our CPAN and GitHub accounts. This year, our Tech Director Katherine is one of the LPW organisers, Lance (our Dev Team Lead) is giving a workshop on Perl6 and the Bailador web framework and Colin (one of our Senior Devs) is talking about why learning a bit of Crypto is good for you. Day to day, the dev team deliver features using high quality modern code, code reviews, automated tests and continuous deployment. In our Fleet and London offices, we have opportunities for developers and testers at every level, so please introduce yourself on the day to Katherine or Roxanne, or check out our vacancies and our tech blog.

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