Videos for London Perl Workshop 2017

The organisers of the London Perl Workshop 2017 are very happy to announce that the videos of the talks are now on YouTube. In the rest of this post we'll give a summary of the videos, with links to each talk.

For LPW 2017 we decided to spend more money on video production, so that good quality videos of the talks would be available to the general Perl community. This involved spending money on cameras, wireless microphones, etc, and paying Amanda of A Crow Consulting ( to do post-production. We'll be doing a separate blog post on that, but please let us know if you think the effort and expenditure was worthwhile (either in the comments here, or via email to organisers at londonperlworkshop dot org).

We didn't record the separate tutorial track, and sadly we didn't get a recording of Leon Timmermans's talk.


  • Ann Barcomb's plenary, "Fifteen years of contributing casually", covered her research into episodic or ad-hoc contributions to open source projects, and what that might mean for all of us.

Programming Languages

Web stuff



  • Ed J, "GraphQL in Perl, the story so far", introduced GraphQL (a data query language), and talked about what Perl support is available and coming.
  • Tina Müller, "YAML - where and how to use? What's new?", introduced YAML, talks about when it can be a better choice than JSON, and the CPAN modules for YAML available.
  • Leon Timmermans thinks many of us might be using Dist::Zilla wrong, and he plans to set us straight.
  • Tom Bloor, "Testing the Waters", was a walk through the test frameworks he's developed, and the problems they address.
  • Neil Bowers, "The PAUSE Operating Model", was an overview of the guidelines and rules implemented in PAUSE and followed by the PAUSE admins.

Perl 6



Lightning Talks

You can either watch all the lightning talks in one video, or pick and choose from individual videos:


>we didn't get a recording of Leon Timmermans's talk.


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