A change to this year's LPW Date, 3rd -> 24th Nov

After a few chats at this year's The Perl Conference in Glasgow, and realising that the chosen date for London Perl Workshop 2018 will clash with freenode #live, we decided it would be a good idea to bump the workshop date from Saturday 3rd November to a week later on Saturday 10th November.

However, after speaking to the venue (the usual place of The University of Westminster) this won't be possible due to their prior commitments. So we have decided to push the date back to the "usual" one of the last weekend in November - Saturday 24th.

Having checked a couple of sources the 24th will not clash and this leaves the other potential dates free for people to attend workshops happening then, namely the 3rd November for freenode #live and the 17th November for Barcelona Perl & Friends.

We hope this doesn't affect the plans of anyone who was going to come, and after a straw poll during the first day of lightning talks at TPCiG it seems that bumping the date by a couple of weeks will be of more benefit to those who wanted to attend but wouldn't have been able to (or were going to favour freenode #live).

As always, thanks to our sponsors:

- Eligo
- Perl Careers
- CV Library
- Oleeo
- The Perl 6 Community
- Adzuna

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