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I like to read at least a computer book every 2-3 months, that makes around six books per year. This year was a very unluky one for me, due to family and personal wealth problems and surgeries. However I'm back on the rail of reading computers book again, and Perl is the predominant one this year.

I don't want to mention every single book because I'm not affiliated with any author in any way, and I don't want to promote any book over the other. However, so far, I read nine books (because many of them were very short), and in particular three about pure system administration, one about (zsh) shell (and shell programming), one about PostgreSQL, and four about Perl, including web development with Catalyst.

Well, while I find it very interesting to read Perl books, I have to remember and say that coding is the very way to fix concepts into your mind!

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