Behind The Desk - Running The RPerl Booth at YAPC Europe AKA TPC Glasgow 2018

I came to my first ever Perl Conference to run a booth, which is quite the intimidating task, as I am but a humble Perl newbie.

I was representing RPerl, Will Braswell's Perl 5 compiler, and did my best to try and explain its purpose to the intrigued visitors. In case you missed the booth, I'll do a quick recap. RPerl can do two things: first, it can optimize the speed of normal Perl 5 apps to over 400 times in some tests; and second, RPerl can protect the intellectual property and source code of your software.

Between the conference days, I helped Will set up a Linux VM that would run a live demo of the compiler, and we were able to show it on the last day. This live RPerl demo included physics simulation algorithms running in both slow interpreted mode and fast compiled mode.

The conference was a great opportunity to meet several prominent members of the international Perl community, such as Mark Keating, Wendy Van Dijk, Jeff Goff, etc. I enjoyed my first experience at The Perl Conference, and I look forward to more in the future!

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