SproutCore and Tatsumaki

I added a Perl backend version of the SproutCore tutorial to the wiki. It was useful to see how Tatsumaki (the new framework by Tatsushiko Miyagawa) worked, and also because PSGI is quite fun to use!

To create it, I simply added a new user on my netbook, fetched cpanm and used it to install the various CPAN modules needed (Plack, Tatsumaki, ORLite).

I followed through the POD for Tatsumaki to get an idea of how the various methods (put, get, post) would have to be implemented. Some things weren't quite clear, and had to reach the source to find out, for example, exactly how to set the HTTP response code.

All in all quite a fun experience. Please do read it and feel free to modify it and give feedback via the comments!

The tutorial is at wiki.sproutcore.com and is part of the bigger tutorial for Sproutcore, which starts at the tuturials page.

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