During YAPC::EU mst suggested "why don't you just start"

I talked about it a bit with a friend who'll be back in the country soon enough and even today at work, and I think we may have enough people to kickstart the new Perl mongers group.

I know there are several businesses and people in the West of Scotland who either use or like Perl, so I am hoping that enough of them would like to join the group.

I've sent the request to's support to reinstate the old I will endeavour to bring the mailing list and website up as soon as possible, and will start reaching out to people who use Perl in the area. Dear lazyweb, could you help me?

In contrast with's meetings, which are mostly "social" gatherings in the pub, I would like's meetings to be a bit more on the technical side. I am hoping we will be able to secure a good venue for that (crossing fingers!), and that we'll have enough people and interest to have a bunch of talks and lightning talks at each meeting.
Depending on what the consensus is, I think we may end up having a technical meeting one month, and one social meeting the next.

Please spread the word if you think somebody in the area may be interested in coming along, and feel free to contact me both on this blog and via e-mail at mfontani at cpan dot org.

Oh, and I'd be proposing the second tuesday of the month as the meeting's day ('s is the fourth Thursday -- tomorrow). This would allow people in either city to attend either meetings.

Wish me good luck! :)

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Good luck & if you are feeling kind, do please drop a post to when things are going and you've got a meeting setup!

btw ... there are periodic mutterings of a tech talk at but we usually are just to sloth like to pull it together.

I have a suspicion that a suitable venue is the major blocker ....

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