If your core perl documentation uses =encoding, please test the new perldoc release

I'm here today to talk about the venerable perl documentation tool perldoc. Working with Koichi KUBO, I think I have a perldoc which works effectively with encodings in files like perlop, perlfunc and perlvar.

Preliminary results with the Japanese docs have been pretty successful, but it would be nice to get some positive results with other encodings/languages. So if you use a Perl with core documentation that isn't "plain old ASCII", would you please give Pod-Perldoc 3.24_01 a spin in your environment?

If you accept this task, please email results to bug-pod-perldoc at rt.cpan.org, open a github issue, or comment here.



`perldoc Acme::LookOfDisapproval` and `perldoc Acme::ಠ_ಠ` both look good :)

However, `perldoc Moose` does not -- the rendering of the right-to-left portion of Yuval's name (in the AUTHORS section) is garbled (the bullet appears at the end of the line; the parentheses are misplaced). This may be due to my terminal, however.

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