Stupid Unix Tricks: Workflow Control with GNU Make

Stupid Unix Tricks: Workflow Control with GNU Make. So simple -- it's brilliant! (And so brilliant, it is simple.)


You mean "clever".

And seriously, if you go down that route you end up with crap like my current company has, which is a 140kbyte make file just to control which scripts in a file conversion run when. (To top it off, they're now working on a script to programmatically generate parts of the makefile. Talk about coming full circle.)

I wasn't saying that generating parts of the makefile programmatically is bad. It's a step in the right direction. I mentioned it to point out just how *bad* the situation had become.

The end goal of taking steps in the right direction is this: A control flow script that handles the logic the make file usually does, but does it in a language everyone in the office is *fluent* with and that actually lends itself to expressing program logic.

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