Perl Module Tools (pmtool) - Now with Kwalitee!

Perl Module Tools (pmtools) v1.51 now passes all Test::Kwalitee and Test::Kwalitee::Extra tests. Although the tests for the programs are not comprehensive, they should work fine as smoke tests -- if one of the program test fails, there may well be a problem with your Perl setup. Also, pmtools distributions are now created with Dist::Zilla (making the job of releasing a new version much easier than before).

As usual, pmtools v1.51 will be available from CPAN later today (it has already been uploaded) and is available now from GitHub ( If you decide to fork pmtools and create a pull request, please remember to put your changes on a topic branch (as that will speed up how quickly your changes can be integrated into pmtools).


You might want to make the text "put your changes on a topic branch" a link to a tutorial, as I didn't know what a topic branch was. Eg:

(Everyone can use google, but it would help if someone who understands / knows topic branches provides a link to a good / practical introduction, there may be a much better page than the one I found, for example).

@Neil: On Github, the proper way to put that information is in a CONTRIBUTING{,.md,.pod,...} file. Check this Github blog post.

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