pmtools v2.0.0 - Now with pmtools::new_pod_iterator()!

pmtools (Perl Module Tools) v2.0.0 has been unleashed upon the unsuspecting world.

v2.0.0 accommodates when the POD (.pod) file is separate from the module (.pm) file. (I gather that this is the case in upcoming Debian.) As I had to modify both pman and podpath for this change, it was easier to just push that functionality into an iterator-generator routine in the pmtools module itself (the first time the pmtools module has contained any useful code.) I only have 1 data point (my consulting PC), but pman and podpath appear to be slightly faster for it.

I bumped the version up to v2.0.0 because of the new dependency on the pmtools module, as well as all of the changes from v1.00 to v2.0.0.

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Good news and nice tools. pmpath is my favorite.

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