Dutch Perl Workshop, July 7th

It is me, or is it internet? When you are organizing events, people respond later and later every year. You buy a book on internet, and it is delivered next day. The washing machine dies, but you do not have to leave the house anymore. But meeting organizers can not deliver in a single day.

We need to see each other every once in a while. For me a must; meeting weird Perl people challenges my own ideas. I get so enthusiastic seeing the projects which other people undertake. It gives me energy to work on my own plans. To meet people for Perl, I visit the monthly meetings of the Amsterdam Perl Mongers (great!), all European Perl Conferences, and often the German Perl Workshops. Very cosy events, where I see my traveling family.

Well, in NL we also organize our own yearly Workshop. The best place to meet "local" Perl addicts. Melinda (Damnlie) and me (MarkOv) warmly invite you all. Read more at http://perlworkshop.nl

But please: book now and submit talks now: event organizers need to book the venue, order T-shirts, and need your talk to attract other participants. Help the organizers of our any event by registering early and contributing talks early... it's not as easy as sending bulk books or bulk washing machines: it takes more than a day!

Hope to meet you all!

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