MooseX-App 1.04 released

I just have released the latest version of MooseX-App - a command line-app helper framework - on CPAN (see my last blog post if you want to learn more about MooseX-App). This release incorporates the feedback I have got from fellow perl mongers.

The most notable change is that not all attributes will be exposed to the CLI, but only those defined with the new 'option' keyword.

The 'option' keyword is basically just syntactic sugar for adding an attribute with a special trait which marks attributes as command-line options. The main advantage for this approach is that you don't have to explicitly prevent internal attributes - possibly originating from consumed roles deep down in your code - from being exposed to the command line.

Furthermore I have cleaned up the meta classes, making it easier to write custom plugins which can modify almost every part of MooseX-App's behaviour, and fixed a couple of bugs I have discovered while switching App::iTan from MooseX::App::Cmd to MooseX::App.

App::iTan is a little command-line application - written a couple of years ago - which helps me to manage indexed transaction authentication numbers (iTAN) for my online-banking account. Hope you like it.

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