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Rakudo Perl 6 on Android ICS 4.0.3

The Asus Transformer Prime (TF201) is an outstanding Android tablet and with keyboard it is a very good netbook replacement. Using Linux Installer aided by some tweaks you can make it build and run current (June 2012) Parrot and Rakudo. On a Debian Stable (6.0 Squeeze) installation, you need only use apt-get to install the git-core, gcc and make packages (optionally libicu-dev) and do a standard /users/martin_berends/perl-6/index.html

Niecza almost took part in the Perl 6 Coding Contest

The community at #perl6 on freenode derived much pleasure from studying and discussing the entries to Masak's Perl 6 Coding Contest 2010. Five problems, five contestants, 26 entries (go figure) all used Rakudo. Since Niecza is the new Perl 6 kid on the block, it seemed an interesting idea to try it out on the submissions.

Alas, it was very disappointing to see error after error from Niecza. The results ar…

Measuring Rakudo performance

You can now create "statistics" about Rakudo performance (perhaps to augment your "lies" and "damn lies" ;-) using new funtionality added to the 'tools/' script. It's under the title "Simple Relative Benchmarking", and needs at least two runs to give usable data. Please try it, and compare findings in #perl6.

With up to about 2% additional run time, test_summary gets Rakudo's to emit per-test timestamps to microsecond resolution. Then test_summary calculates the (real) execution time of each of the more than 30000 spectests and inserts the results into 'docs/t…

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