- https any time soon?

Throwing this one out to the wider community, if anyone can assist in adding https support to that'd be great, with browsers and corporate firewalls moving towards a stricter mode of operation. An existing issue is here, with some history for those interested. Thanks in advance.


Is there an alternative download site for strawberry perl?

Hi. We are at this moment transferring the site management. The owner no longer has the ability to manage it. Once it is transferred it will be moved to secure htpps and have a new design to make it friendly across different devices. This is underway and hopefully we will have traction soon.

Please tell me that you're not going to change the releases.json structure...

To further, as the author of berrybrew who relies on several aspects of the site to manage Perls, might I be included in advance of site changes so I might better prepare?

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