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How many faces do you count?

How many faces do you count in this image?

image-ccv-face-mass.png="text-align: center; displa…

How I roll - choosing the epigraph for 5.15.8

quotes from books or other media for longer than that. About 10 days ago, I made the short list of two books that could give interesting quotes.

One was "Friday" by R.A. Heinlein. I've always liked the book, and it opens with the introduction of the protagonist as she kills a pursuer and stuffs him into a cabinet, reacting only on a hunch. Heinleins way of laconic…

Your Perl-driven cyborgs can soon recognize objects

I've made some progress in getting ccv to compile under Windows. Now I can start with opening up the API and writing some XS for it. Soon, the below image can be created completely from within Perl instead of using a shell call out to the executable to find "interesting" points in the object and the scene and match them together.

out-sofa-thumb.png="text-align: center; display: block; margin: 0 auto …

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user-pic I'm the Treasurer for the Frankfurt Perlmongers e.V. . I have organized Perl events including 9 German Perl Workshops and one YAPC::Europe.