Virtual Spring Cleaning (part 3 of X) in which I release Plack::Middleware::Pod

I'm trying to keep a list of all the features I would like in Dancer::SearchApp. These features and changes range from large (index and search video subtitle files and link to the scenes in the movie) to small (implement suggestions). Usually, I keep the list of these features in a Pod file imaginatively named todo.pod.

As for Dancer::SearchApp, the current list of items is 320 lines long, it has become somewhat inconvenient to look for inspiration on what feature to implement next. A more convenient look at the Pod file for me is through HTML within the application itself.

The module I've used for rendering Pod to HTML is Pod::POM::View::HTML and I was surprised not to find a Plack middleware that magically renders Pod files as HTML. So I wrote my own and stuffed it into Dancer::SearchApp, even if it felt rather unclean.

In the spirit of cleaning up, I've now released the module in its own distribution as Plack::Middleware::Pod. Hopefully, it will be useful to you or it attracts other people who supply a nicer default CSS or nicer rendering rules.

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