Save the date - Deutscher Perl/Raku Workshop 2023 in Frankfurt am Main - 27.02.2023-1.03.2023

Hello everybody,

after a long time of waiting it is finally time - we cordially invite you
to the German Perl/Raku Workshop 2023.

Next year's workshop will take place from Monday 28 February to
Wednesday 1. March in the Saalbau Gallus in Frankfurt am Main.

The website and the call for papers are already online at . We are looking forward to many interesting

Of course, we also do not know if the Covid-19 situation will allow us to
to hold the workshop as usual. However, we hope that despite the
we will have an exciting event.

We are always happy about sponsor support. If you or your
company would like to support the workshop, please contact us. Together we will
a possibility together!

If you have questions to the organizers, you can reach us best
directly at .

We are looking forward to your participation,
Max Maischein for the organizers and

[1] We are still working on
hotel recommendations and publish them on the website.

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