Amusewiki 2.222

Hello Perl community,

I realized that it's more than one year since I last announced an Amusewiki release on, so here we are again. Yesterday I released Amusewiki 2.222.

Unofficial Debian packages can be found, as usual, at (together with installation instructions).

The codebase is pretty stable by now, but over the past year it saw a couple of interesting improvements.

The Xapian-powered search now is a full-fledged and fast faceted search. See for example

As a side-product of this improvement, I contributed to the Xapian documentation, which can now produce Perl examples as well: (to the extent permitted by the Search::Xapian module).

git clone

cd xapian-docsprint

make html LANGUAGE=perl

Amusewiki is proud not to lock you in, focusing instead on text distribution. There is now a /mirror route which exposes the static files (sources included). You can retrieve a full and functional copy of any site running Amusewiki with the following command:

wget -q -O - | wget -x -N -q -i -

The PDF and EPUB provided can be now fine-tuned at will, generalizing the concept of "custom formats" which was introduced earlier. Their generation is now asynchronous from the client's point of view, speeding up the publishing procedure by a good deal, as there are no more slow operations blocking it.

Last but not the least, Amusewiki saw the usual batch of parser and user interface improvements, translations, bugfixes and documentation.

See for the full details.

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