Amusewiki 2.500

Well, well, today I released Amusewiki 2.500 and I noticed that time has passed since the last announcement here. This doesn't mean that the Amusewiki development has stopped. On the contrary. The development pace has been steady, with new features, improvements and bug-fixes. In the meanwhile Amusewiki got a new logo as well!

The most notable changes are:

  • Installation size has been cut down to the minimum with a TeXlive! repackaging (which can be installed on the fly by the installation script or via the unofficial Debian packages).

  • Support for attached files has been extended. You can now upload and display audio and video files.

  • Custom category types: you are no longer limited to authors and topics, you can have custom categories.

As usual, documentation for old and new features can be found at, unofficial Debian package are at and sources are at

Detailed changelogs can be found here:

It's worth noting that the Emacs Muse markup is supported by Pandoc (as a reader and a writer) since version 2.0, and if you use the Atom editor, there is a package for it.


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