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The question of what standing job postings have on has come up a few times over the lifetime of the site. We discussed it informally among the team, but in the interest of clarity for everyone, we wanted to set something down in writing. These are our rules of thumb:

  • In general, we welcome job postings put up by developers or other technical members of the team being recruited for. If you want to put up a job posting on this site, chances are high that you are in this group by default. Particularly if you have a say in the hiring process for the job, please feel entirely free to post.

  • If however you are a HR person or recruiter, may we suggest as an appropriate venue to you?

We do not have hard and fast rules for cases that fall outside these clear buckets. Use your judgement; above all, don’t be annoying.

If you really feel unsure about whether your job posting is OK, feel free to get in touch with us directly via email to (Please do not use the comments on this post for this purpose. Among other reasons, you may go unnoticed.)


Thanks for the clarification, very relieved to hear my post wasn't against the rules. Although maybe when I posted it it would have been better to get in touch first given that this clarification didn't exist at the time, so sorry for jumping the gun a bit there.

Perhaps there could be a general "rules for blogging" or "FAQ" post that could be linked to from the "About" section on the homepage? I looked for one before posting and if there had been one that said "for any other questions contact us at" I would have.

Thanks for thinking about these things and for generally running the show. This platform is fantastic! :-)

We do not have hard and fast rules for cases that fall outside these clear buckets. Use your judgement; above all, don’t be annoying.

There are likely annoying blog posts on this site which are non job related (probably at least one or more of mine have been at some point). Glad to see that a liberal approach to user content is being taken here and that no policing of content is taking place.

If you're a Perl programmer and you post job links here to the point of being annoying, you're probably reducing the chances of being able to hire someone. On the other hand, if you're a recruiter and you solely post creative and entertaining job posts here, then I'd say you're probably a smart recruiter (experience has shown these are very rare).

I moderate a couple of other local Perl related content areas, and I don't remove posts except when they are solely off topic job posts. In those cases, it's pretty clear that a recruiter signed up for our Meetup group for the sole purpose of posting non Perl related job posts.

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